It's such a weird year.  I find myself feeling a gamut of emotions these days and I do not think I am alone.  This week is no exception packed full.  A myriad of stressful deadlines, a too long "to do" list, contrasted with anticipated and coveted time with family is near. Not only is it Thanksgiving … Continue reading Hope

Advent Conspiracy and Haiti

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is one week away and three days after that the Season of Advent begins marking the days towards Christmas.  Maybe more than in years past I am looking forward to the Holidays.  I'm particularly excited for our Advent time together at Centenary because we are going to participate in … Continue reading Advent Conspiracy and Haiti

Days After

I've intentionally waited a few days to write this blog.  Partially because I was without meaningful words for a couple of days.  Partially because I needed to just sit with the unexpected outcome of the election and not be reactive.  Partially because I have been observing the reactions of others. I think my personal reaction to … Continue reading Days After

Diary of a Large Membership Church Pastor – Part 1

Dear Diary (aka God), So it's been 15 months since I started this job.  There have been some incredibly awesome moments as I look back that remind me over and over why I do this work.  Moments where someone sent me a note, came to talk to me, or whispered in my ear on the … Continue reading Diary of a Large Membership Church Pastor – Part 1