I am curious and ask lots of questions.  I am energetic and stay on the move.  I love a good story told in a variety of ways and mediums.  I love Jesus and the challenge of being the best disciple for Him that I can be.  I am the wife of Greg Huffman and we have 2 fur babies in the form of cats. I love service opportunities to share with and receive a blessing from others.  I am fascinated by observing how the Holy Spirit moves in our lives and world and believe lots of people never even notice it. I also happen to be the District Superintendent for the Appalachian District of the Western North Caroline Conference in the United Methodist Church. (That’s a sentence full!)

I love to sing but it’s usually a little flat but full of spirit!  I love to exercise- either run or do strength training.  I love to travel – the more unique the place the better the adventure!  I’ve climbed 14,000 and 21,000 peak mountains in snow and ice. I’ve talked to penguins in Antarctica.  I’ve been to the most northern city in the world in Norway.  I’ve seen the Grand Canyon from the Colorado River and slept under the stars.  I’ve visited a Hasidic Jewish home in Jerusalem in the dark of night.  I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro with a frozen cornea. And been in a truck that was rammed by a water buffalo while on safari in Africa!  I hope to add many more adventures to the list.

I’ve also stayed in my pajamas all day long and called that a day to remember!  Periodically my husband and I will go to the movies and see a double matinee.  I cry at Hallmark commercials.  My favorite show on TV was Survivor.  Now it’s Ted Lasso.  I love the theology of Henri Nouwen, Thomas Merton and John Wesley. I pray every day for God to help me be the best witness I can be for God’s Kingdom.

2 thoughts on “Lory Beth Huffman

  1. Hangeth thou in there gal and you will accomplish all the above. [You are well on your way!!!!]


  2. Water buffaloes sound like good training for the Superintendency. Glad the cornea wasn’t frozen at that time. Shalom…


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