60 days until Christmas… Eve Offering

It's hard to believe.  One of our staff members starts in July giving us reminders of how many days until Christmas.  Two weeks ago within a 24 hour period I saw my first Christmas TV ad, heard my first Christmas Radio spot and received my first Christmas Card (that was awesome as one of the … Continue reading 60 days until Christmas… Eve Offering

Stop Selling Sugar Water

Last night I watched the movie Hidden Figures again and was just as moved by the story the second time around.  The movie tells the untold story of three African-American women and the role they played working at NASA helping to get a man on the moon.  Katherine Johnson, the mathematician; Mary Jackson, the engineer; … Continue reading Stop Selling Sugar Water


I've been thinking about salt today.  Random?  Maybe.  Theological?  absolutely.  Relevant? I think so.  First of all, I have bypassed the candy bowl in my office all week-long and the thought keeps recurring how these days I prefer salty snacks above sweet ones.  It's like my sweet tooth is disappearing.  Things that used to make … Continue reading Salt


I have been at a loss for words regarding the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas.  The loss of life and infliction of injury by one person reveals a level of disconnect with humanity I cannot wrap my head around.  Over 50 dead and over 500 wounded?  Over 500?  The impact of this … Continue reading Enough