Staying Connected in the Midst of Isolation

When I think back to last week it seems like eons ago. We have faced unprecedented change in one week's time.  The amount of decisions and the speed at which they have come at me has been mind boggling.  I imagine each of you feel the same.  As a pastor, one of the things that … Continue reading Staying Connected in the Midst of Isolation

A Little Mercy, A Little Justice, and a Little Unmerited Grace

Yesterday afternoon I was reflecting about Martin Luther King, Jr. on the eve of the day which honors him with a national holiday.   Simultaneously some friends and I went to see the movie Just Mercy about Bryan Stevenson, a Harvard trained lawyer who comes to Alabama to assist inmates on death row get a fair … Continue reading A Little Mercy, A Little Justice, and a Little Unmerited Grace

Friendship Gratitude

Our church celebrated our Commitment Sunday today which is actually one of my favorite Sunday's of the year.  I love the idea that we all make our own contributions to the life of the Church.  Today we focused specifically on our financial contributions but we also contribute our gifts and graces.  We give of ourselves. … Continue reading Friendship Gratitude

What Happened at Annual Conference?

[As I was talking with my husband about how to communicate all that has happened at and since Annual Conference to our church, Greg offered to write this week’s blog from his perspective.  So below is his factual, lawyerly, and analytical interpretation of events in the past 2 months in the United Methodist Church   It comes to … Continue reading What Happened at Annual Conference?