Doing a Good Thing- The Dave Matthew’s Band

I've decided to try to use my blog in 2019 as a way of sharing signs of hope and good news so every other blog or so will be about lifting up examples I find of people doing a good thing.  Today I want to start with an interesting story I heard about the Dave … Continue reading Doing a Good Thing- The Dave Matthew’s Band

Being a Bright Light in a Season of Darkness in Swansboro, NC

We are in that season where it feels like more hours of darkness in the day than we have of light.  Throw in a little cloudy weather and we really feel the darkness all around us literally and figuratively.   And yet, this is a season that fights that darkness with Christmas lights strung around … Continue reading Being a Bright Light in a Season of Darkness in Swansboro, NC

Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, and Sweet Spots

I know we are all finding a minute or two this week to do a gratitude check.  But today I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful.  Today Greg and I celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary!  It feels like yesterday when we got married at First UMC Asheboro that beautiful November day.  I think that time does go … Continue reading Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, and Sweet Spots

A Way Forward

Real conversations on topics that are difficult, or uncomfortable, or divisive are hard to have.  Avoidance is so much easier than real discussion,  Partly because we are afraid of how the conversation itself will affect our community.  Partly because we know some topics are so complex that there is no one answer that satisfies everyone, … Continue reading A Way Forward

Turning Down the Volume

I have been pondering for over a week now so many reflections resulting from the public discourse of recent current events.  Being in a new appointment and not being sure if people can separate spiritual and moral conversation from political it is tricky choosing my words.  However, being a woman listening to some of the … Continue reading Turning Down the Volume