The Day After

Prayer coloring this Lent

Just a few reflections on this Easter Monday post joy and celebration of yesterday’s Easter morning.  It is the day after.  By now the disciples have gotten their bearings and are adjusting to this miraculous turn of events in the life of Jesus Christ.  We, on the other hand- are often either back at work or on vacation and rapidly moving away from the packed church and glorious music.  The smell of easter lilies is becoming scant.  Like so many of our seasons we prepare and prepare and then it is over in a flash.  We rarely savor the moment.

I’m trying to savor the moment.  I’m trying to sit in a little bit of Easter Monday joy.  While grateful for the day off and time to rest, I don’t want to forget why I don’t have have to be on my normal work routine.  Last night I finished coloring my prayer knots – a Lenten practice.  Today I have spent time this afternoon just sitting and praying and being.  It’s kind of nice.

With the bursting forth of spring, there are lots of reminders that New Life are always forthcoming out of the winter barrenness.  God is a God of life and not death.  As we celebrate the Easter Season I pray that we be God’s Easter People – a people of hope and joy bearing the Good News in all that we do.

He is Still Risen!  =)

Lory Beth

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