Merry Christmas Prayer

I wish everyone the Merriest of Christmases!  May you have time to just be in the midst of you busyness.  To enjoy a few moments to their fullest.  To savor time with those you care about.  And to rest.  I share this pray with you from Joyce Rupp:

For those who have an abundance of love, a bounty in heart and home, keep them mindful of the world’s poor, lift their voices often to you in gratitude, loving God.

For those who carry hurts and angers and other heartaches, help them to feel the peace which only you can give and the grace to let go of long burdening memories. 

For those who struggle with the lack of this world’s riches, those who know what unemployment and empty pockets feel like, gift them with a counting of blessings which are often hidden and far more valuable than earthy treaps98-joy-to-the-worldsure.

For those whose faith has grown dim and whose sense of you seems far away, raise in their hearts a great yearning for
you that will not cease and a desire for the truth that cannot be ignored. 

For those who are tired, weary, worn from a constant generous giving of their lies in love, be their energy and enthusiasm, be a great and deep spark of light and happiness within them.  

For those who grieve the goodbye of a loved one and whose hearts are very lonely this time of year, touch them with dear memories and transform the inner missing and hea
rtache into a vision of what lies far beyond this time and space.

For those whose lives speak of growing old, bless again and again with peace and serenity, let them know what gentle entice they are to all of us who still ponder the meaning of live and growth.

And finally, savior God, for those with young eyes, keep their hearts full of wonder, and thank for slipping some of their delight and simplicity into our own hearts each time we celebrate the Christmas moment.  Amen.

Merry Chrsitmas my Friends!

Lory Beth

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