Investing in Life

Today I attended the funeral of one of my childhood best friend’s father, Willie Martin.  Willie was a good guy, so very funny.  You could laugh with him and at him his antics were so entertaining.  As I was listening to my friend share about her father tears came to my eyes as I heard her grief and felt her sadness.  But we celebrated a life well lived and  a person well-loved today.  Our church and community has a funeral coming this Saturday for a saint that certainly had a life well lived and was a person well-loved.  I couldn’t help but wonder have I lived a life worth celebrating and have I been a person that is well loved?  When we consider the stewardship of our own life don’t we all wonder this at some point?  As I listened to stories today and reflected on the drive home about my own life I remembered a quote I had earmarked in my devotion book a few weeks ago.  It was a Helen Keller quote I had not remembered hearing.

I will not just live my life.  I will not just spend my life.  I will invest my life.  – Helen Keller

Helen Keller

Have I invested my life well?  Such an interesting question to ponder.  I know there have been times when I have just lived life not caring about anything other than just functioning.  Lay low, not cause any trouble but not contribute anything either.  I’ve never been one to just spend life but I’ve seen it.  Lay it all out there, give it all until there is nothing left.  Live recklessly as if there is no tomorrow.

But to invest one’s life is to put it to use in something “offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value” according to Oxford.  How have I invested my life in a way that brings a profitable return of some sort?  That appreciates in value?  What does it look like to measure the spiritual profit of our lives?

Jesus probably would have been a pretty aggressive investor.  He was willing to take risks on a regular basis.  He also seemed to have confidence in the long shots.  He saw value in everyone, even when others wouldn’t consider investing.  Certainly those who spent any time with him found their own lives increasing in value and multiplying in interest.

I’m going to spend some time looking at my own life this week and seeing how I am doing more than just living or spending my life.  A long time ago I gave my life to Christ.  I have certainly invested in the church and I have invested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And I pray that there has been some return on this investment sowing seeds of Christ’s love in the lives of others. I hope all of us can name ways in which we have made choices and decisions that have allowed us to give of ourselves to make this world a better place rather than just taking and consuming our whole life long.

Here’s the thing about investments.  The profit can’t come until you spend something first.  You have to give of yourself first and then trust Jesus to generate the profitable return and appreciate your life value.  How much of yourself and your stuff are you willing to invest for the Kingdom?

Grace and Peace,

Lory Beth

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