Brilliant! They Won’t Be Expecting That!

I cannot believe Christmas is upon us!  I will keep this short and sweet because if you are like me, there is far too much to do then time allows.  So if you want about a 5 minute break that will make you smile and think (and practice hearing a New Zealand accent) as well as get you ready for Christmas, check this out! Video

This vignette called An Unexpected Christmas is performed by children  and gives an explanation for why God chose to send an answer to struggling humanity in the form of a new born baby Jesus.  My absolute angelfavorite character is the little boy with big glasses wearing random costumes repeating, “Brilliant!  They won’t be expecting that!”  (By the way, there is an American version of this but these New Zealand accents are so much better to listen to!)

May this depiction of the nativity make you smile and deepen your gratitude for God’s amazing love for us that we celebrate in a few days.  And all day long on Christmas may you find reasons to say, “Brilliant!  They won’t be expecting that!” as a reminder of God’s unexpected but amazing love for us.

I wish for you a very Merry Christmas.

Lory Beth

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