Easter Changes Everything

Easter Church Design (31)

Easter changes everything.  The difference between Good Friday night and Easter Sunday morning is astronomical.  The heaviness of the cross, the darkness of the tomb.  We have seasons of our lives that feel like Good Friday.  When nothing seems to be going right.  When we feel like failures.  When we have more questions then answers.  We are confused like the disciples.  We don’t understand what the authorities have done.  We are scared.  We are sad.  You’ve been there.  I have too.

But Easter changes everything.  Because this morning, this day, we are reminded that Good Friday was not the end of the story.  Easter is coming.  And Easter is going to change things.  Today as I look at the beautiful sunrise and celebrate this amazing truth that death and darkness could not contain Jesus neither will failure and darkness dominate my life.  We are an Easter People.  We are people who love and follow the resurrected Christ.  And today, that light is going to shine fully into my life.  That light is going to shine fully into this world.  That light can also shine fully into your life, too.

Easter changes everything because Christ has the final word.  We may have to wait out the darker periods of our lives thinking they will never end.  But Easter is coming.  And yes, Easter changes everything.  With Easter comes resurrection.  New life.  New possibilities.  With Easter comes the fulfillment of all of God’s promises.  With Easter, that which is very wrong, in God’s way, gets made right again.

Maybe most importantly, with Easter comes the ability to look towards a future with anticipation that God is going to do something good.  Easter brings hope.  Easter brings images-6the metamorphosis of the caterpillar through the dark and lonely cocoon into the beautiful butterfly.

So if you feel like you have been caught in the darkness of Good Friday and Black/Holy Saturday keep looking for the cracks of light that sunrise on Easter brings.  Take heart that God is always working a new thing and today of all days, is that powerful reminder that we worship a God of new beginnings.  Of Easter mornings.  Of resurrected futures.

Happy Easter!  He is Risen!

Lory Beth

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