It’s Time

I’m still reflecting on a truly amazing moment in the life of Centenary last Sunday.  For over 19 years plans and designs have been drawn up and discussed, vetted and unfortunately most times shelved.  But not anymore.  We voted 301 to 8 to support a $6M renovation project to renovate our 1960’s Children’s Building into new Children’s Ministry space as well as some new adult space.  To renovate our 1930’s youth ministry area, gutting the  old systems and architecturely reshaping the space. And finally adding a stretcher size elevator since our main elevator outside of our sanctuary is no longer functioning due to its age.

Not anymore are plans and dreams being shelved for another day.  Not anymore are we just talking about doing something about our dark and dreary interiors and outdated program ministry spaces.  Not anymore are we questioning whether these priorities are the best next priorities.

images-7We have said as a congregation It’s Time!  It’s time to stop talking and start doing!  So we are moving forward with the important two-pronged next steps of this process.  We will kick off our public phase Capital Campaign to raise the remainder of our $6M campaign. We are going to fund this project 100% with pledges and taking out no long-term loans.  While a small group of folks have been approached with early asks to get the Campaign started and we have raised approximately 3.4M in early pledges, It’s Time now for everyone to engage and participate.  Together, we can do this.  Every contribution and everyone’s participation – no matter how big or small- matters.

And while the funding is raised we will turn our exciting Design Plans into Construction Documents so the hard costs can be finalized and so construction/renovation can begin.

And this is when the church gets really excited.  Not only because the plans paint a picture of an exciting future filled with new possibilities and opportunities but also because it feels good to take on such a big project as a church and be successful.  To see God working within the congregation, stretching our faith and making something amazing happen that no one person in the church could or would do but together as a group, God’s dreams becomes reality.  Our dreams become reality.

So it is with excitement for your future that I step back and look at what is happening and feel thankful. Thankful for all of the youth, children and adults that will enjoy for years to come a space that welcomes them in and so fully and completely helps them experience the love of Christ.  Thankful for all of the people who will be able to access parts of the church building through the new elevator that they haven’t been able to get to without navigating stairs before.  Thankful for new and beautiful spaces that celebrate both better function for groups and people Loving God and Loving Neighbor more fully and spaces that glorify God by being part of God’s house.

It’s time.  Let’s finish the good work that has been started.


Grace and Peace,

Lory Beth

7 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Lory Beth – your strong and faithful leadership has helped guide Centenary in so many positive ways. This project was a huge undertaking…thank you for fearlessly leading the way!


    1. Thank you Anne. It was a primary goal since I arrived so I am thankful we have made it to this point. This will lead to great things for Centenary!


  2. Lory Beth, Thank you for all you have done to help Centenary. Through your leadership, loving God and loving neighbor has become our mantra, and we are grateful for your energy, love and spirit that you have shared with us.❤️


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